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MALLOC_PERTURB_ is a useful thing. If you are developing on glibc-based systems, I encourage you to put this snippet in your ~/.bash_profile:

MALLOC_PERTURB_=$(($RANDOM % 255 + 1))

I have been using it for the last six years on all my computers (3 laptops running every Fedora x86_64 build released since then), and while things haven’t exploded, it has helped uncover the odd bug every once in a while. One such occasion presented itself this week.

I was busy following Ondrej’s hint, debugging why Eye of GNOME was taking so long to open a file from ownCloud. Imagine my shock when it would just crash after showing the window. The same optimization was working just fine on the gnome-3-18 branch, while master was crashing even without any changes. How could that happen? Obviously, while it was failing for me, it was working fine for all those who run unstable GNOME versions via jhbuild, gnome-continous, Fedora rawhide, etc.. Otherwise we would have been debugging this crash, and not a performance issue.

I guess, most of them didn’t have MALLOC_PERTURB_.

Here is another such story.

In case you were wondering, there is already an update on its way to Fedora 24 address the crash.

Written by Debarshi Ray

9 April, 2016 at 02:28

The goats have strayed into GNOME

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Here is a glimpse of what I have been doing lately.



The screenshots feature the photo please wait… by Garrett LeSage available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

Written by Debarshi Ray

27 November, 2015 at 20:28

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Transparent terminals are back in Fedora

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Two years ago, after the release of GNOME 3.6, background transparency was removed from gnome-terminal. Over the years several users expressed their fondness for this feature, leading to much drama, tricky workarounds, and rosy promises.

Anyway, this is now back in Fedora 20 and the GNOME 3.12 COPR. Rawhide will follow soon.

I must point out that this is a downstream patch carried by Fedora, which has been rejected by the upstream gnome-terminal maintainer. If you want, you can ask your distributor to include it. Versions of the patch applicable to different GNOME branches can be found in this Git tree. You will also need a vte that has the fixes for bug 730023 and bug 729884 depending on the branch that you are using.

Be aware that this has exposed a bug in Adwaita where it is not drawing the background of the menubar when transparency is turned on. We are looking into it and hoping to fix it soon.

Written by Debarshi Ray

15 May, 2014 at 16:45

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Aurimas Černius is the new Gnote maintainer

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Aurimas Černius is the new Gnote maintainer.

Aurimas has been doing awesome work over the last couple of years, and while I was not doing justice to the project he kept up with a steady stream of patches. Right now he is working on porting Gnote to Gtk+ 3.x and GNOME 3, which will hopefully improve the experience on Fedora 15.

Written by Debarshi Ray

26 April, 2011 at 23:29

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Planet Fedora heads

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Planet Fedora has some very big heads these days. I failed to spot anything in the guidelines that forbid them or suggest otherwise.

I am aware that such issues have been brought up in the past by various people. A casual search revealed this, and I am sure that if you dig around you will get a few more instances where people have asked similar questions. Since there are more than a dozen such heads (I stopped counting after 12, and I was only considering the really huge ones) I am curious what is the deal here.

In case you are reading this and wondering how to get yourself a nice hackergotchi you will find this link helpful.

Written by Debarshi Ray

26 April, 2011 at 01:25

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“… update Adobe Flash Player …” — Wait, what?

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When I restarted Firefox after updating it on my Fedora 14 system, I was presented with this:

I never installed Adobe Flash Player on this system.

For what it is worth, I use Gnash and, barring the occasional resource leaks, it has been providing me with my daily dosage of Youtube.

Written by Debarshi Ray

11 March, 2011 at 13:04

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Fedora (11 & 12) on an Intel Macbook: getting it to boot

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Written by Debarshi Ray

15 January, 2010 at 16:09

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