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GVfs and the GOA volume monitor

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Sometime ago I had written about how we integrated ownCloud in GNOME for 3.8. One interesting infrastructural enhancement that was part of this feature is the GOA volume monitor in GVfs.

Volume monitors

A volume monitor is a D-Bus session service that uses the org.gtk.Private namespace (eg., org.gtk.Private.MTPVolumeMonitor, org.gtk.Private.UDisks2VolumeMonitor, etc.), has an entry in /usr/share/gvfs/remote-volume-monitors/, and exposes your disk partitions, iOS devices, MTP or PTP devices as volumes. These volumes eventually show up on the GTK+ places sidebar.

Online accounts

We wrote a volume monitor which exposes your online file storage as a volume. It listens to GNOME Online Accounts and when it notices an account that implements the GoaFiles interface it exposes it as a volume.

Giovanni Campagna extended GVfs’ shadow mount machinery to make it transparently pick up the credentials for accessing the cloud storage from GOA without bothering the user.

The future

Currently this only works for ownCloud because the underlying protocol is WebDAV – something that has a corresponding backend in GVfs.

To unlock support for, say, Google Drive or SkyDrive we would first need to implement the protocol as a GVfs backend, and then add the GoaFiles interface to the corresponding GoaObject.

Written by Debarshi Ray

15 July, 2013 at 22:29

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Register yourself for GUADEC 2013

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Registration for GUADEC 2013 has now started. Go and register yourself if you plan to attend.


Written by Debarshi Ray

7 July, 2013 at 08:24


The GUADEC 2013 schedule has been published

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The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the GUADEC 2013 schedule is now online.

Many thanks to Emmanuele Bassi for preparing the schedule and to Fabiana Simões for publishing it online.

Slavkov Castle

Written by Debarshi Ray

3 July, 2013 at 16:48


GNOME Photos 3.8.0

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After a year of development, I am happy to announce GNOME Photos 3.8.0. This completes the last unfinished GNOME 3.8 feature – Photos is now the latest in the set of Finding & Reminding applications for GNOME 3.

Even though it is a preview in GNOME 3.8, Photos already has a nice set of well-rounded features.

  • Albums – create, add to, remove from and delete albums
  • Favorites – mark and unmark items as favorites
  • Printing, setting background and properties, etc.

With the basics now in place, we are going to start filling in some of the gaps during the 3.9.x/3.10 cycle.

  • Cloud integration – starting with Flickr and Facebook
  • Search – including a search provider for GNOME Shell

Written by Debarshi Ray

15 April, 2013 at 01:44

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Yorba’s Geary Fundraiser

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The fine folks at Yorba are raising money to improve Geary, their shiny new email client for GNOME.

Please donate if you want to make a difference.

Written by Debarshi Ray

8 April, 2013 at 00:20

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Submit your talks for GUADEC 2013

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It is still snowing in Brno, but there is no reason to believe that summer is far away. So, please go ahead and start submitting your talks for this year’s GUADEC.

This year’s conference will focus on:

  • Design of the core user experience (core applications, shell, toolkit)
  • Design of the developer experience (tools, documentation, services)
  • Integration and extension of the operating system plumbings into the core UX
  • Application development and deployment
  • Integration of web technologies into the GNOME user experience
  • Improving the user experience on different form factors
  • Outreach to new contributors
  • Organization and governance of the project

I am sure you have a lot of cool things to talk about and the deadline is barely three weeks away on the 27th of April. So, hurry up and send those talks our way. We hope to see you in Brno in August.

Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

Written by Debarshi Ray

4 April, 2013 at 00:50


GNOME Online Accounts and IMAP / SMTP

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Starting from GNOME 3.7.91, you can configure your IMAP/SMTP accounts via GNOME’s single sign-on framework and then use them from Evolution.

Using a GOA configured IMAP/SMTP account in Evolution

Many thanks to Matthew Barnes for making the required adjustments in Evolution Data Server and making sure that it landed in time for the 3.8.0 release later this month.

Written by Debarshi Ray

5 March, 2013 at 02:03


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