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The Finnish cowboy

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This post is dedicated to Ashish Shukla and one amazing teacher of mine. It originated as a conversation on IRC, and I am not really sure how to model it is a blog post. Maybe I could write some verses, but I am too lazy for that.

There is this teacher at the University of Helsinki who is teaching Network Programming this period, and offers the course on Internet Protocols every fall. He is Markku Kojo. He is the Finnish cowboy. He is like the Clint Eastwood of Finland with RFCs under his belt instead of a couple of six shooters, and he walks around (even inside the classroom) with a twig between his teeth. Usually when you open the door for someone they nod and smile. But not Markku Kojo. Kojo just looks at you, gives his twig a twist, before going on his way in those slippers of his which could easily have been riding boots with spurs on the heels had he been in a different place at a different time.

If you have been in one of his classes then I am sure you know what I mean. In case you have not, and belong to the Computer Science Department at the university then I would suggest that you take one his subjects. I am sure you will enjoy.


Written by Debarshi Ray

27 January, 2011 at 00:39

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