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Solang: what is brewing for 0.4.1

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After getting Solang’s Tracker-based backend to work in the last release, we spent the last couple of months polishing up bits and pieces of the user interface, and making some internal infrastructural improvements. Most of these changes are either bread and butter features we have come to expect from a photo management application or are invisible to the end-user. Instead of talking about the mundane stuff (you will find them in the release notes anyway), I will highlight a few interesting bits.

Free-text Search

On first thought free-text search is something we associate with textual content — PDFs, HTML pages, etc., and not with photos. However, some of the meta-data associated with photos can lend themselves to intuitive free-text searches. eg., tags, URIs, Exif, etc.. So we implemented a  free-text search functionality that looks for matches in the URI and tags of your photos.

Screenshot of Solang's free-text search functionality

End-user Help

Thanks to Florent Thévenet, Solang now has end-user help written in Mallard.

Screenshot of Solang's end-user documentation viewed in Yelp


Our recent move to GNOME infrastructure resulted in a big jump in the number of translations. Right now we accept translations from both and Submissions from get reviewed by the GNOME language teams before being committed to the tree.

A big round of applause to all translators!


Written by Debarshi Ray

10 April, 2010 at 12:35

Posted in GNOME, Solang, Transifex

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