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Solang:, Damned Lies, and the stalemate

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A few weeks back Solang started using for its main Git tree, got a module on, and a website on We also started using for accepting translations alongwith, which we were using before the move to GNOME infrastructure. This was mainly done to keep Solang aligned with the rest of GNOME as advised by some kind souls in #c++ on GIMPNet.

Unfortunately this opened up a big can of worms. Apparently if some program is to use then it can not use any other platform for accepting translations.

I really like the idea of being a common platform for translating programs. However GNOME has a vibrant translation community centred around the gnome-i18n list, where new modules are advertised, new translation teams are announced and so on, and there is no such equivalent for So the moment I advertised Solang on the GNOME lists I got a bunch of new languages with a few hours. Such exuberance is not visible on simply because I am unable to reach to the community surrounding it.

So if you are a language translator, I would like to invite you to translate Solang to your native language through Right now your contributions get emailed to me because Transifex has been disallowed from pushing to

Written by Debarshi Ray

22 February, 2010 at 19:41

Posted in GNOME, Solang, Transifex

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